How does pricing work?
Each card starts at $6. You can add as many occasions as you’d like. There’s no monthly fee, no additional shipping cost, nothing!
Is it a subscription?
It’s not a subscription in the typical sense. We don’t charge you a monthly fee or require a minimum number of occasions. Think of it like you’re subscribing to an individual occasion—like your friend’s birthday. You get reminders when the date is approaching and we prompt you to pick a card for that year. And the next year, the process repeats.
How many cards do I receive at a time?
Just one per occasion. We allow you to fully customize your card-buying experience. We don’t saddle you with extra cards or send you a box full of cards that you didn’t choose or may not use. You pick the one card you want for that occasion, and we send you that card.
Can I just buy a card without signing up?
At the moment, no. We want to cover you this year and every year, so we ask that you create an account and add those occasions you can’t afford to miss.
Is there a monthly fee?
What if I don’t select a card?
We don’t want to force cards on you if you don’t need them, but we also want to make sure you get a card even if you’re too busy to select one. That’s why we offer “Auto-select.” With auto-select, if you don’t skip an occasion but you also don’t select a card, we’ll select one for you. That way you can be too busy to get a card, but still receive one, and we’ll make sure it’s right for you and the person you’ll be giving it to. In your profile settings, you’ll find the ability to opt-in and opt-out of auto-select.
What if I don’t need or want a card?
Did you already find the perfect card for your friend? Do they just not deserve a card? Well then skip it this year! If you don’t need a card, just select “Skip occasion” found under the additional actions on each occasion tile. We’ll skip over it this year, but you’ll still receive reminders next year.
What if I need the card early?
Sometimes the birthday party doesn’t land on the actual birthday. We allow you to select the date we mail your card. Just remember it may take 3-5 business days to arrive.
Will you offer other occasions?
Yes! We will be adding all major U.S. holidays over the next year. Join the Juno newsletter or follow along on Instagram to hear about new offerings.
Can you write my message in the card and mail it for me?
Well yeah we could, but that wouldn’t be very personal or heartfelt, would it?