Juno is a card service that marries a curated selection of boutique and letterpress stationery designed by nationally-recognized and emerging artists, with a reminder system and home delivery.


Unlike a subscription service, Juno doesn’t mail a box of cards you don’t want or need every month. Our process is straightforward and transparent:


  • You tell us the important occasions you don’t want to forget
  • We email you a timely reminder for each one
  • You choose the perfect card
  • We send it to you (stamped, if you like) to personalize


There’s no monthly fee and no minimum order, and the cards start at $6 with no additional shipping costs. It has never been easier to connect with the people you love in a meaningful way.


Founded by brothers Jesse and Ross Harding, Juno makes it easy to send thoughtful, carefully chosen cards for all your VVIP special occasions, on time, every year.


“Juno was literally born of necessity,” says Ross, a software engineer. “Our sister, Natalie, always finds the perfect card for every occasion. If I remembered to get a card, I’d spend a half-hour at the store searching for one, and they would all just be generic and irrelevant to the people in my life and their style. I knew Jesse felt the same way, and since he’s a designer, we decided to combine our skills and experience and come up with an elegant solution.”


Their competitive family spirit led them to create a service that’s disrupting the greeting card industry. “A card has two jobs: being well-designed and being on time,” says Jesse. “But for some reason, something that seems so simple can actually be really hard to get right.”


Until now. Juno’s innovative, low-commitment approach, user-friendly service and creative collaborations make it easy to never have to give a second thought to being thoughtful.